All things to all people?

December 11, 2013

No way. You can’t be everything to everybody.

No matter how big your ideas or ambitions, it pays to think small—well, highly targeted. Know what you are trying to achieve, and with whom, and stick to achieving that aim cutting out anything that doesn’t further it. Not unlike the editing process of a good publication.

As the below article in Forbes points out, we are all in the media business today. I believe this is producing a unique opportunity to claim thought leadership positions in all sorts of areas. But in order not to waste it, careful thought has to be given to the areas and how best to approach them.

In the article, veteran marketer and storyteller Joe Pulizzi offers the terrific advice you’d expect from such an experienced practitioner. I agree with everything, but more than anything, about adopting a niche approach. The only thing I’d add is to make sure you pick your niches well, and that they all add up to the bigger story you want to tell.


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