November 24, 2013


Created pioneering live advert for Eurostar in which we showed Seattle-based photographer Melissa O’Hearn on her travels in London, Paris and between. Readers could follow her through her Twitter updates and photos on her Tumblr blog but also on the Eurostar ad units appearing in West Coast and New York area editions of

For Ericsson and its agency Starcom, we provided live reporting from key events such as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and All Things Digital in Rancho Palos Verdes, along with combinations of videos and articles created by the client, ourselves and sometimes the two of us together. All featured in a series of dynamic ad units on The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

First Chinese language custom content advertisement (Cartier) featured on

Campaigns for AIG, Cartier, Dubai Chamber, Ericsson, Eurostar,  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Zurich.


Added static and animated infographics to The Wall Street Journal’s arsenal of media services to its advertising clients. Initiated use of social media in campaigns including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Helped foreign-language publisher launch its own English-language newspaper distributed with The Wall Street Journal, Russian Business Insight.

Campaigns for HSBC, Israeli Ministry of Finance, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, Pernod-Ricard, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Durham Business School, Zurich.


Managed innovations in custom content such as use of mini-documentary videos and inclusion of interactive games and competitions within campaigns. Tools to further boost engagement.

Campaigns for Barclays, HSBC, Cap Gemini, Cartier, Volvo, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, Wellendorff, Zurich.

Projects included a special promotional newspaper insert for a German jeweller, Wellendorff, a special edition of a customer magazine (Zurich Insight) and the creation of videos to be used to welcome visitors to a customer’s headquarters.


Appointed managing editor, special sections. Despite the job title, what I actually did was help to drive the transition from a mainly print-based special sections business to a mainly online custom content one. Also, got more closely involved in pitches including coming up with the content ideas for, helping to sell and then managing the creation for first million-dollar-plus campaign. In some ways it was like going back to my communications days, only with a supercharged media brand in the pocket.

Year’s clients included Accenture, Barclays, Invest in France, Invest in Germany, Philips and  Zurich.

Projects included a specialist news and discussion web site (Supply Chain Risk Insights), a white paper (to support Philips’s presence at The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council) and live event news within advertising units (for Nokia-Siemens).


Planned, commissioned and oversaw the creation of a Watches magazine to be inserted into the newspaper.


Joined The Wall Street Journal as commissioning editor, special sections, planning, finding the best writers for and producing reports on topics ranging from aerospace and Angola to watches, wine and wealth management.


Launched Global Startups Newsletter, a tool for corporate investors looking for opportunities.


Joined leading technology investor magazine Red Herring as its London correspondent; helped organise its Tel Aviv start-up investor conference—at the time Israel’s largest venture capital event.


Co-founded Quick123, a publisher of pocket-size self-help guides sold through retailers across the United Kingdom. Subjects ranged from avoiding identity fraud and maintaining a healthy diet to picking a good school and planning retirement.


Co-founded, a start-up specialising in location-based information services for mobile phones and other portable devices

Co-founded Talking Pictures Limited, a start-up specialising in the use of infographics to promote and propagate corporate and marketing communications message through custom content on third-party media. Nowadays we’d call it content marketing.


Part of the team that managed the communications surrounding SEMA Telecom’s acquisition by Schlumberger.

Introduced speech writing and media training for C-Suite and other senior executives.


Intimately involved in formulating communications strategy for a number of tech companies including LHS Communications and Nokia.

Helped Nokia work on a strategy to position itself as the thought leader in technology.

Launched Nokia Link, a thought leadership tool in which we created feature stories about cutting-edge changes—such as the impact Amazon was having on retailing or the future of entertainment following the advent of reality TV—to illustrate Nokia’s vision of a dynamic new world of opportunity.

Managed the creation of the Nokia Annual Report. No Limits—in which we used Nokia’s newly acquired status as the industry leader in mobile devices to position it as the thought leader in the emerging mobile information society where mobility and the Internet would be combined to create new services in all areas of life.

Nokia’s capitalisation grows 250% in our first year working with them. I like to think we had a  tiny input to that.


Co-founded Effective PR, a marketing communications agency specialising in technology companies of all sizes from start-ups such as Israel’s CT Motion to the world’s largest tech companies such as Finland’s Nokia.


Launched FT Telecoms World, quarterly thought-leadership glossy aimed at the telecommunications C-suite and their strategic advisors.

Launched FT Billing World, a monthly magazine aimed at telecommunications and other utilities.

Launched four FT-branded newsletter titles.

Published 25 FT-branded business reports.


Sold Telecomeuropa to Pearson PLC for $4 million (seemed like a fortune at the time).

Joined Pearson Professional (rebranded shortly after as FT Business) as publisher responsible for its technology titles.

Launched six newsletters and seven business reports


Launched, a daily online news and resource service for the global telecommunications industry  (now owned by Informa).

Launched seven newsletters for Telecomeuropa and Techmedia and the first research report for Telecomeuropa.


Launched Telebase, the first comprehensive searchable database for the global telecoms industry (using hypertext and on a CD ROM, if that means anything to you).

Co-founded Techmedia, a publisher specialising in the then emerging technologies, such as the Internet.

Launched five newsletters at Telecomeuropa and Techmedia.


Co-founded Newsletter Publishers Association.


Launched Telecomeuropa, news bureau and publisher specialising in telecoms (would eventually become Europe’s largest telecoms publisher).

Starting writing for global publications from The Times and Financial Times through Australian Communications and Funkschau to The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek.


Joined news team of the Infomatics Daily Bulletin—The Yellow Peril, THE news source of its day on information and communications technologies and the model for many future tech publishers including Computergram, The Register, Inquirer, Lightreading, Techcrunch and, of course, Telecomeuropa.



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